Milestone !

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared any news or updates on how Zachary is doing.  Truth is, he’s doing great and has achieved a milestone this weekend – he is off Keppra, second of three medications to be weaned this year!!! The ketogenic diet has successfully cured him of daily events in which he couldn’t see, couldn’t learn, and couldn’t be a kid.  At the onset of this “food as cure” journey, I recall tearfully communicating to our neurology team how I wanted my kid back – together we achieved just that, Zach is Back!

By now you will all recall the drive of an awesome mother, herself with a concussion, resulted in taking what some predicted would be a difficult diet, and transforming it into a wonderful world of deliciousness that the family at large continues to eagerly await her next potion of deliciousness.  Go Sandie Go! 

What’s more, I myself have celebrated Zach’s milestone of 1-year on the diet back in December 2017 by joining him and Sandie on the ketogenic diet.  Bloating disappeared, mental clarity refined, excess weight disappearing, and energized to new challenges.   Indeed, after writing the last blog in summer 2017 asking for forgiveness while embracing my midlife awakening, a personal rollercoaster of a ride ensued.

Truth is, with Sandie coming out of the clouds of her concussion, Zachary seizure free, and no perceived need for me to continue being the superhero persona I strove to be … I crashed :(…     The emotions and challenges of the past few years caught up to me as I then had time to FEEL and experience those feelings.   I felt the anxiety, sadness, despair and uncertainty – and I crashed.

I never really experienced something like this before … it was quite a low.  However, after a week or two in a zombie-like state,  I reached out and learned that despite being the superhero doc, dad, and husband I imposed myself to be, it was ok to indeed experience both the ups and downs of life and the emotions that come with, and that indeed experiencing them brings strength.

As many of you know, Sandie and I strive to help create a better tomorrow; we strive to use our lessons learned and our professional strengths to inspire positive change.  As some of you recall in my last blog I stated that I hoped this stage of life would lead me to “be a major shit disturber of our current health care system.”

Montrealer’s prepare, a new model of care for our kids is about to hit our town … and I thank each and every one of you who inspire me daily … together, we can!

Thanks for listening,

Sasha 🙂


One thought on “Milestone !

  1. gozachgoblog says:

    And now all of Sandie!s family are on the keto lifestyle and loving it, Surprisingly keto not only limits some food groups but opens the door to a whole new variety of foods that are not only healthier but also delicious,


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